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Peak Season Surcharges and Blank Sailings

China house

11 Feb 2020

Far East and Middle East

As a consequence of the Coronavirus in China, all carriers have planned blank sailings, primarily to and from the Far East and Middle East.

This means that carriers have very limited sailings on offer in the coming weeks.

Chinese ports are suffering the worst effects of the Coronavirus (combined with the aftermath of the Lunar New year holiday); containers are not being collected, ships are being repositioned, and this is leading to severe congestion in the port areas. The European ports will be impacted by this too, as there will be a very limited number of ships departing.

Airlines have also announced reduced numbers of flights to and from China mainland and airfreight options are also limited.

Scarcity always drives up prices, and indeed both airlines, as well as carriers, are now introducing Peak Season Surcharges, in addition to raising their base rates.

Please allow us to be a part of your shipments from the moment you plan them. This will allow us time to try to find the most time and cost effective solution for your cargo.

More information about Peak Season Surcharges and Blank Sailings ?

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