IMO Labels

Containers with dangerous goods: IMO labels mandatory

IMO Labels

29 May 2019

Full Container Load

If you load dangerous goods in full containers (FCL), it is mandatory to place IMO labels on the container. These labels show the hazard classes with accompanying pictograms.

Dangerous substances are divided into nine categories and each category has its own set of labels:
1.            Explosives
2.            Gases
3.            Flammable liquids
4.            Flammable solids
5.            Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides
6.            Toxic and infectious substances
7.            Radioactive substances
8.            Corrosive substances
9.            Miscellaneous hazardous substances.

The labels should appear on all 4 sides of the container. It is critical to ensure visibility throughout all modes of transport; both by sea, by road and by rail.

Proper labeling is the shipper’s obligation. It is the receiver’s job to neatly remove the stickers before returning the empty clean container.

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