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Embassy Logistic Terms: Straddle Carrier / Port

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14 Jun 2019

Embassy Logistic Terms: Straddle Carrier

A straddle carrier is a hoisting device for loading or unloading containers onto or from a trailer.

The device moves across the trailer and lifts the container vertically. The straddle carrier has pneumatic tyres and after they have been unloaded, it can stack containers up to three high in the storage area of a container terminal, where they are stacked in rows, separately. The containers are stacked in such a way that the straddle carrier can pass every row in order to remove or add containers.

The hoisting device is also used to transport the containers to and from the storage area from underneath the gantry cranes alongside the vessel, or from underneath a transtainer of a track bundle.

Embassy Logistic Terms: Port

Port has 2 meanings:

  1. Harbour
  2. The left side of a ship looking forward

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