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Embassy Logistic Terms: FCA and DPU

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3 Apr 2020

Embassy Logistic Terms: FCA (named place)

The seller arranges goods with an invoice, packaging, export license, customs documentation and costs up to the delivery of the goods to the carrier (the transport company), as stipulated by the buyer and in accordance with the mode of transport.

The seller delivers the goods to the buyer in one of two ways:

FCA (Free Carrier) – A
When the named place is the seller’s premises, the goods are delivered when they are loaded on the means of the transport arranged by the buyer

FCA (Free Carrier) – B
When the named place is another place, the goods are delivered
– when, having been loaded on the seller’s means of transport.
– they reach the named other place
– are ready for unloading from that seller’s means of transport and
– at the disposal of the carrier or of another person nominated by the buyer.

Whichever of the two is chosen as the place of delivery, that place identifies where risk transfers to the buyer and the time from which costs are for the buyer’s account.

Source: ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)

Embassy Logistic Terms: DPU (insert named place of destination)

DPU (Delivered at place unloaded) means that the seller delivers the goods – and transfers risk – to the buyer, when the goods:
– once unloaded from the arriving means of transport
– are placed at the disposal of the buyer
– at a named place of destination or
– at the agreed point within that place, if any such point is agreed.

The seller bears all risks involved in bringing the goods to and unloading them at the named place of destination.

Source: ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)

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