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Information about transport Australia Our services extend to the other side of the world; Australia almost feels like a second home. Embassy Freight transports many ... Lesen Sie mehr über Australia


Information about transport China If you want to ship your goods to and from China, you have come to the right place at Embassy Freight. With six offices in the major Chinese ... Lesen Sie mehr über China


Information about transport Mexico Mexico is a country of contradictions. Geographically it belongs to the continent of North America. Culturally and historically it is part ... Lesen Sie mehr über Mexico


Information about transport Singapore Singapore is one of the destinations we frequent the most. Embassy Freight’s roots are also in Singapore; the first office was ... Lesen Sie mehr über Singapore


Information about transport Taiwan Do you need to ship goods to or from Taiwan? Embassy Freight can help you. Our partner in Taiwan, with whom we have had a great working ... Lesen Sie mehr über Taiwan


Information about transport Thailand For many of you Thailand is no doubt a wonderful and popular holiday destination. For Embassy Freight, Thailand is an important market. We ... Lesen Sie mehr über Thailand

South Korea

Information about transport South Korea Many of our shipments go to and from Asia. Besides China, South Korea is also a frequently visited country. Incheon in particular is ... Lesen Sie mehr über South Korea